Perform an assessment of the risks posed to your account including:

  • Password usage and storage
  • Types and amounts of transactions you perform
  • Possibility of internal fraud
  • Lack of dual control or separation of duties
  • Removal of terminated employee access
  • Network attack or breach

These tools may assist in your security control:

  • Use hardware firewalls to protect your business network. One device can protect the network from attacks, intrusions, viruses, etc...
  • Keep computers maintained with automatic updates and reputable anti-virus/firewall software. Make sure all are updated automatically.
  • If you offer wireless internet, make use of passwords and business-grade encryption.
  • Using password vault software to safely store passwords
  • Conduct employee background checks
  • Follow a procedure after an employee has been terminated
  • Setup dual control & separation of duties, especially when dealing with online accounts
  • Perform internal audits of your security controls
  • Train employees on security issues at hiring and conduct refresher training annually for all employees.

If you use a token to generate ACH files:

  • Do not allow other employees to use your token. The Bank will supply a token for each authorized ACH user. 
  • Do not write your PIN on the token or anywhere else that is easily found. 
  • During the login process, if the 4-digit Site Check code on the screen doesn't match what is displayed on your token close your browser and retry. If it still does not match, do not proceed with login, and contact the bank immediately. 
  • Store your ACH files in a computer folder that allows access to only authorized ACH users.
  • Dual control provides an additional level of security with ACH files. If you do not currently have dual control setup, contact the Bank and we will gladly assist you.

The National Institute of Standands and Technology (a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce) has created a document titled "Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals". We encourage you to read this as it contains valuable information on tips to secure your business network. You may view it here (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window). (Adobe Reader required)

Review your account

Review your Marine Bank account frequently using our convenient online banking service. If you notice suspicious activity and/or suspect identity theft, immediately contact us at (772) 231-6611.  

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