The new Marine Bancorp of Florida shares issued December 1, 2021, are restricted securities. This means that they have a one-year period where the shares will have a restrictive legend. The legend limits the marketability of the shares until the one-year period expires. This is noted on page 19 of the offering circular.

The shares are currently held in your name by our transfer agent, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust. If you want to move the shares to your broker or custodian in the same ownership name as the original purchase, Continental will need a written request from the shareholder to have the shares issued in certificated form. The certificate will then be transferred to your broker or custodian via overnight mail.

Continental will need the physical address of the new broker or custodian.

The new stock certificate will have the same restrictive legend.

This will not require a stock power or medallion signature guaranty.

If you have any further questions, please contact Continental at 212-845-3277.