Google Pay and Apple Pay logos
Marine Bank & Trust has announced that its Visa® cardholders can now use Google PayTM and Apple PayTM – part of Visa’s Digital Wallet - to make purchases with just a touch. Digital Wallet combines identity theft breakthroughs such as Visa Token Service and Apple’s Touch IDTM to give users an easy, secure and private way to pay with their Visa.
Customers can download the Digital Wallet app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play and enter their credit and/or debit card information either manually or by taking a photo of their card. Then, customers can pay for purchases by simply tapping their phone over the payment terminal, at merchants that support digital wallet transactions.
Customers may then use a fingerprint or Personal Identification Number (PIN) code to authorize the transaction. Their phone communicates wirelessly with the payment terminal, which requires the phone to nearly touch the terminal to activate. This step, combined with the need to authorize the transaction, prevents you from accidentally making any payments. Marine Bank customers with questions or needing assistance in setting up their digital wallet are encouraged to visit their Marine Bank banking center for personal assistance.
“Visa’s Digital Wallet is another convenience-focused service that makes our customers’ lives easier and more secure,” said Bill Penney, President and CEO of Marine Bank & Trust. “Marine Bank’s goal is to continue to offer the most cutting-edge technology coupled with the highest level of security without sacrificing our reputation as a leading provider of personalized customer service.”
For more information on Visa’s Digital Wallet including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit,