Jael Aldunate - Commercial Lender, Marine Bank & Trust

Jael Aldunate
Commercial Lender

February 12, 2019

Marine Bank & Trust has announced that Jael Aldunate has joined the Bank’s Melbourne team as a commercial lender responsible for assisting businesses by providing the capital needed to expand their business, invest in their future, or seize current market opportunities.
“With more than 20 years of banking experience, Jael is a knowledgeable lender with a passion for exceptional service,” said Bill Penney, President and CEO of the Bank. “She is quickly making the Melbourne community aware that Marine Bank is a financial resource for our area’s small businesses.”
Marine Bank offers commercial real estate loans, construction loans, commercial lines of credit, SBA and USDA loans. In 2018, the Bank financed commercial loans totaling nearly $21 million.